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What Should You Not Do Before An Eye Exam?

The digitalization era might have relieved your hands from the painstaking work of writing; however, it did jeopardize your eyes. The blazing digital screens eased our manual strains, but on the other hand, they strained our eyes. Hence, the National Optometric Association suggests every individual take a befitting annual eye exam in reputed eye clinics of Surrey. 

Regular eye exams can ideally mirror your optical health. These tests will help your optometrist to catch genuine issues related to your eyes plus come up with quick solutions to fix them. The delays will only degrade the condition making it optically severe. Thus, we decided to help you get ready for an eye test, and no, it’s not that simple. Some certain dos and don’ts come with it, and this article will focus on the don’ts. Therefore, before you proceed to research “eye exam near me,” avoid these below mentioned points:

Straining your eyes 

Overexerting eyes might seem like a productive end to your day, but trust us, it is not. Overexertion is a fundamentally wrong and severely unhealthy concept. So, next time before glaring at your TV or laptop screens for 8 hours straight, hold back your thoughts, and remember to shut your eyes occasionally. This eye-shut exercise could heal strained eyes. 

Moreover, eyes need to rest to stay alert and correctly respond to the tests. Therefore, we suggest you should take your eye exam right after you wake up. This will ensure well-rested eyes with soothed optic nerves and generate accurate test results. 

Filling up on caffeine 

Beginning your daily grind without a cup of coffee seems like a nightmare. However, this steaming cup of comforting coffee can alter your test results, and thus, should be avoided at all costs. 

Coffee can have a significant impact on blood pressure and mess up the test results. Though the alterations it holds do not sum up to significant numbers, you should opt for decaf for the sake of test accuracy. 

Going for test appointments without insurance and other credentials 

Insurance cards related to vision are an essential set of paperwork during an eye appointment. Additionally, a valid identity like a driver’s license is another vital credential to carry to the appointment centers. 

Going on without these two credential papers will not create havoc, but it will complicate the situation. The doctor needs valid insurance to examine what coverage you possess for the tests. And the identity proof will certify your appointments faster. Therefore, to stay on the safer side, you should always carry your insurance papers and an ID with you. 

We know that there’s no foolproof way of assuring eye test accuracy, but we hope these ‘don’ts’ tips might help you out. So, if you are looking for the best eye doctor in Surrey, contact Abasa Optical at 604-687-3937.

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