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What Kind of Designer Eyeglasses are in Style 2021?

With designer eyeglasses trends in 2020, premium optical brands are focused on developing affordable fabrics and sleek classic designs. Branded eyeglasses frames are getting more intricately detailed. You might have noticed this as you browse the premium high-end side of the market.

Today’s eyeglass market is filled with:

  • Clean patterns
  • Filigree 
  • Exotic fabrics

The trick behind the rise in demand is that these manufacturers have been designing the glasses subtly.

The New Trend

Dodging trends is the norm, according to a recent report published in the New York Times. Most fashionable shoppers consider spectacle shopping as an investment. The options that stood out in 2020 are no longer in demand. Now is the time to adopt something new. Today, we shall point out the emerging trends. All you need to do is choose your favorite glasses with the right intent.

Translucent frame shades are champions when it comes to new tints

This season, untinted transparent has gained immense popularity. However, crystal tints in burgundy, grey, rose, champagne, citrine, lime, and browns are catching people’s interest.

  • The best styles combine transparent frames of steel and titanium that have been plated in light gold, silver, or gunmetal and eventually polished or rubbed. 
  • These transparent frames are almost neutral in color and go with almost every outfit: a perfect classic to have in your closet.

Combination Thin or Bold Material Frames

The mix-material vibe is still going strong in 2021, but it’s being paired with ultra-thin or ultra-thick bold looks. Specs that are in the middle of the road are becoming monotonous.

  • For an on-point look, look for very thin transparent acetate paired with thin titanium temples and/or bridge. 
  • Spend a bit more money on a higher-quality product to make the glasses stand out. 
  • The frames will be smaller, and the details will be finer-tooled. 
  • For a practical and on-trend style, combine these slim frames with a sunglass clip.
  • Opt for a dense complete acetate frame with a hue other than black, such as crystal pinks, champagne, burgundy, or greens. Look for frames with specifics like sculpted facets, moves, and textures if you want to go heavier/bolder. 
  • Don’t go too big for these daring styles. 
  • The perfect suit is a custom-made one.

Turning a Corner with Lens Shapes

When it comes to eyewear types, circular or deep squares are the most common. The use of dense rectangles for branded eyeglasses is out of trend. Aviators in metal and acetate are still common, but only in the round lens form this season, not the teardrop.

The retro 70s teardrop designs that were common a few years ago are now looking a little outdated. The round aviator is the latest style statement you may want to adopt, but it is not completely round. This slight shift of form and shape makes a huge difference to your style statement.

Choose Abasa Optical to get hold of the latest eyewear trends. We bring to you the best designer eyeglasses year in, year out.

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