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Your child’s eyes must be healthy when they are young because that affects how well they can grow and learn. As parents, you should know when your child might need glasses.

If you think your child’s eyesight isn’t what it should be, you should make an appointment for them with an eye doctor. In the future, problems with your child’s vision could cause problems in school and in adulthood.

To get a prescription for glasses, you should take your child to an eye doctor who has special training in working with children. You’ll know if your child needs professional help if you know what signs to look out for.

The following are the eight tell-tale signs to find out if your child needs glasses.

1. Frequent Headaches

Your child might get headaches because they cannot see clearly. Or their eyes could be strained from doing too much close work. They may have eye strain from uncomfortably trying to read or seeing the blackboard at school. You should immediately set an appointment with an eye doctor if your child complains about headaches.

2. Squinting

If your child squints when reading or in bright light, try to put in a pair of your own glasses and have your child read with them. If your child does not need glasses, they will read without squinting.

Your child’s vision might be okay in the morning, but they will have trouble seeing in the afternoon and evening.  If your child can see clearly at the doctor’s office but not in bright light, they need glasses.

3. Frequent Eye Rubbing

When children rub their eyes a lot, their eyes are often irritated and tired. You should make sure that your child is not rubbing their eyes too much. Your child could be doing too much close work like homework or playing video games too long.

4. Double Vision

Double vision can be caused by not having enough eye muscle coordination. If your child has this problem, it can affect their ability to see clearly.

Your child might have a double vision if they try to see too close to their face. They might also have it if their eyes are dry.

5. Poor Quality of Vision

If your child has difficulties reading, writing, or drawing because it’s straining to see, your child might have eye muscle coordination problems.

Another symptom is if your child’s distance vision is poor or their eyes are “glassy,” they may need glasses. You might notice this if your child has difficulty seeing things across the room.

6. Double Tasking

If your child has vision problems, they will have trouble doing more than one thing at a time. Your child will have trouble doing a job with one hand while using the other hand to do something else.

7. Problems in School

If your child has vision problems, they can have difficulty learning or listening in school. This also passes over to their homework like not reading or writing. Instead of disobedience or boredom, they might be physically hindered by their sight.

8. Poor Performance in Sports

If your child develops vision problems, it can hamper their performance in sports. Your child’s coach might notice a change in their performance. Do not ignore this issue, and have your child checked by an eye doctor to determine if that is the cause of poor sports performance.


Having good eye health is very important for your child. If you have doubts about your child’s eye health, you should make an appointment with an eye doctor. It is imperative to treat and help your child’s vision right away to avoid further damage.

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