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Clear, Comfortable Vision and Myopia Treatment

Contact lenses offer the freedom to go glasses-free for sports, fashion, or personal preference and are also an effective myopia treatment. Our team at Abasa Optical, a leading optometry clinic in Clayton Heights, Surrey, specializes in contact lens fitting, ensuring that even children can safely wear contacts as part of their myopia treatment plan.

If you’re curious about contact lenses as a solution for myopia or lifestyle reasons, our eye doctors in Clayton Heights, Surrey, are here to guide you through your options. Our experienced team provides professional contact lens fitting, training for easy lens management, and a variety of lens types to cater to diverse prescriptions and lifestyles.

Start your journey towards clear vision and effective myopia treatment—book your contact lens fitting today!

Finding Your Fit with Contact Lens Fitting!

A contact lens fitting at our optometry clinic in Clayton Heights, Surrey, is crucial, especially when considering lenses as part of a myopia treatment plan. Unlike regular eyewear, contact lenses require a unique prescription as they sit directly on your cornea. They are medical devices that demand precise fitting for optimal comfort and effectiveness in myopia treatment.

During your contact lens exam and fitting with our eye doctor in Clayton Heights, Surrey, we assess your overall eye health to determine the best lenses for your eyes, taking precise measurements for the perfect fit. We discuss your lifestyle, vision needs, and expectations from contact lens wear, ensuring that your contact lens fitting aligns with your myopia treatment goals.

Whether you need lenses for special occasions or as a daily myopia treatment, we listen to your needs to find the right fit. Schedule your contact lens exam and fitting now.

Caring For Contacts

Since contact lenses are a vital part of myopia treatment and sit directly on the cornea, following your optometrist’s instructions at our optometry clinic in Clayton Heights, Surrey, is vital for maintaining eye health. Proper hygiene is crucial to prevent infections associated with contact lens wear. For kids and teens using contact lenses as part of their myopia treatment, disposable soft contact lens fitting might be the ideal choice. These lenses are convenient for myopia treatment, worn once without extra cleaning or storage steps.

Contact lens wearers of all ages can prevent infections by doing the following:

Exams: An Essential Part of Myopia Treatment

Regular eye exams at our optometry clinic in Clayton Heights, Surrey, are crucial for monitoring eye health, particularly for children wearing contact lenses as part of a myopia treatment plan. These exams are essential for children between 5 and 15 years, as this is the best age to manage the progression of myopia effectively with tailored contact lenses and treatments. If your child experiences discomfort with their contacts, it’s essential to consider specialized lenses designed to minimize discomfort and prevent the early discontinuation of lens wear.

In addition to treating common issues like dry eye, our clinic offers a variety of lens styles that cater specifically to the needs of younger patients. Keep your child’s prescription up-to-date and ensure they have the best tools to maintain sharp vision. Need a refill or want to explore our customized options? Order online or visit us in person!