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How To Take Out Your Contacts Without Ripping Them?

Contact lenses are what we call inanimate pets that make us feel good about ourselves. You should not just buy them, but also take care of them. Soft contacts are preferred by many because of their comfortable nature. 

Although they are more susceptible to damage, they let your corneas receive more oxygen. But, it’s easy to tear a soft contact. You can avoid the rips if you take some simple precautions. Read on and visit Surrey Eyecare Centre for expert advice. 

  1. Keep Lenses Moist:

    Let’s start with the storage itself. Dry lenses are more likely to tear. Store them in a solution always. While removing the contacts, if you feel they are dry then rewetting drops can help. Also, never use water or any other fluids on your lenses other than a contact solution. 

  2. Make sure the Lens Cases are full:

    When it comes to something as sensitive as Contact Lenses, you can’t afford to be stingy with your products. The cases have to be filled with a contact solution. Otherwise, there is a chance the contacts might touch the drywalls and suffer a tear.

  3. Unfold smartly in a solution:

    This is one of the worst things that can happen to your lenses. When it gets folded in the solution, you might think pulling them by the edges might just unfold it. But, that will actually cause more damage to your lenses.

    Unfold them on your hands in a palmful of saline solution. Gently rub on them until the moisture helps unfold them without any damage. 

  4. Keep your fingernails away:

    More often than not, fingernails are the cause of lens rips. It’s better to keep them short and clean near contacts. Don’t use them to pull out the lenses.

    Instead, slide on the lens using your thumb and forefinger. Then remove, after it loses the suction. 

  5. Know the Modulus:

    Now, modulus is a measurement of the strength and diversity of your lenses. You wouldn’t think all the lenses were the same, right? All contacts differ in style, design, oxygen permeability and material.  

    Modulus measures it’s resistance to damage under tension. The higher the modulus, the stiffer and more resistant is the lens. A lower modulus may give you comfort but is more likely to deform your lens. 

  6. Check for Scratches:

    It’s important to know that if you happen to tear your lens, dispose of it. Even a little scratch on the lenses can damage your cornea. If you happen to be wearing a ripped lens, remove them only after rewetting your eyes.

    Slowly, using your index finger and thumb pull down your eyelid. Then push down the lens and using the other thumb and forefinger, remove the lens. Check your eyes for any remaining pieces and wash them off. 

It’s good to know what’s right and in your interest. You can approach experts at Surrey Eye Care Centre before making a purchase. For more information on contact lens safety and uses, look for an eyecare centre near me” and reach out to us at Surrey Eye Care CentreDial 604-575-9141.

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