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How Do You Choose the Right Prescription Glasses?

With mobile phones and computer screens being used all day, most people are getting prescription glasses. You can easily buy accurate prescription glasses if you get the basics right. If you are someone new at wearing glasses, we have got you covered.

Below, we have made a list of tips that can help you choose the right prescription glasses. So, before you go shopping, make sure you remember these tips.

Keep Your Eyewear Prescription Updated

If you are going to get new frames, it is recommended that you also get your eyes checked, so you won’t have to update the frames later. In case you’ve recently got your prescription renewed, you can skip this.

Doctors suggest that you should get your eyesight tested after every two years if you are an adult. If you are someone younger, you should get it checked once every year. So, before you choose your frame, get your prescription right!

Be Aware of Your Pupillary Distance

Pupillary distance refers to the distance between your pupils. It is usually measured in millimeters and is used to correct the positioning of your lenses. You must have seen eye doctors placing the lenses and adjusting them.

Before you go for frames, measure your pupillary distance as it’ll be required to make the perfect frame for your eyes.

Choose the Right Frames

Apart from your prescription, buying the right frame is crucial. You need to find frames that suit your face and sit easily on your nose. There are many styles that you can choose from, and you can even get designer eyeglasses.

Moreover, please make sure the glasses are flexible enough so that they won’t break easily. You should also pay attention to the color of the frame you are buying.

Avoid Unnecessary Add-Ons

There are a lot of add-ons that you can add to your glasses, such as anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch, and polycarbonate lens. Sellers will try to persuade you to go for most of them. So, you should do your research and decide what you need. 

Once you find that out, you can communicate it to the seller. Since add-ons increase the price of the frames you are buying, you should consider what you need wisely.

Review the Refund & Return Policy

Always remember to check the refund and return policy of the glasses you are buying. It makes it easy for you to exchange the frames if they don’t fit you as you expected them to. Most people get comfortable with their glasses in two weeks, so you should wait before rushing into a decision.

While shopping online, it gets a bit difficult to assess the fit of the frames. Thus, you should always check the refund and return policy of the seller from whom you are buying.

Aside from all the things mentioned above, you should always have two pairs of glasses with you. You can keep one as a backup and use the other one.

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