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At Abasa Optical, we pride ourselves not just on offering stylish and boutique frames but also on providing top-tier eye care. Our on-site eye clinic, Hillcrest Village Optometry, is a leading optometry clinic in Surrey dedicated to your eye health. Utilizing modern technologies and comprehensive exam techniques, our eye care clinic in Surrey offers an in-depth assessment of your eye care needs, addressing various eye conditions and diseases. The journey to optimal vision begins with an eye exam in Surrey. Schedule your visit to Hillcrest Village Optometry at Abasa Optical today and experience unparalleled eye optometry in Surrey.

Dr. Rohit Sachdeva

Meet Dr. Rohit Sachdeva, Od

Dr. Rohit Sachdeva, OD, is the heart of our eye care clinic in Surrey, providing expert care at Hillcrest Village Optometry. His global experience in eye disease detection and management underscores our clinic’s commitment to excellence. Whether you need contact lens exams or emergency eye care or are just looking for a trusted eye doctor in Surrey, Dr. Sachdeva’s comprehensive approach ensures your family’s eye health is in good hands. Discover the difference at our optometry clinic in Surrey when you meet him.

How We Can Help

Dr. Sachdeva focuses on supporting all eye care needs through our optometry clinic in Surrey. Alongside his comprehensive eye exam services in Surrey, he also provides:

Find out how Dr. Sachdeva can help support your needs when you visit him for an appointment today.

Comprehensive eye optometry in Surrey is essential for maintaining eye health and is recommended annually, primarily for glasses or contact lens wearers. During the eye exam in Surrey, Dr. Sachdeva gets a complete look at your eye health and vision needs using various modern technologies. Once you get your lens prescription, you can visit the Abasa Optical team to complete your experience with a brand-new and beautiful pair of glasses!

Early detection is critical to managing eye health. Some eye diseases can develop without causing noticeable early symptoms, so Dr. Sachdeva uses various technologies to help detect eye diseases and preserve your sight. Some of the most common issues he can help detect include:

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Ensuring your eyes work together for the best possible vision. 

Your eyes must work together to provide you with the clearest possible vision. Still, several conditions can affect this ability and can lead to further vision problems down the road. Dr. Sachdeva uses several different binocular vision testing techniques to look for issues and provide support. Some of the most common include:

  • Convergence insufficiency
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (crossed eyes)

Experience comprehensive eye optometry in Surrey with us.

How Often Do I Need An Eye Exam?

In Surrey, maximizing your eye health means regular check-ups. We recommend scheduling an eye exam in Surrey with Dr. Sachdeva at Hillcrest Village Optometry in Abasa Optical to keep your vision sharp and clear. Whether you’re due for an exam or experiencing vision changes, our eye optometry in Surrey services are designed to meet your needs.

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