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Some things are so routine that we don’t even think about doing them. Wearing contact lenses is an example of this. You put them in every day, and it feels weird to blink without them in. You don’t remember to take them out at night, and you always forget to put the case back in the cabinet. However, there should be a limit to the time you wear your contacts. This and many other common contact lens mistakes exist, and they all seem insignificant until problems arise. 

If you wear contacts, this blog post will shed light on the most common contact lens care mistakes you should shy away from.

Common Contact Lens Care Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1 – Leaving Them on Too Long

Contact lens wearers often forget to swap out their contacts at the end of the day. If you’re wearing them for a long period of time, you’re putting your eyes at risk for infections and other irritations. This can also lead to eye fatigue which means you will begin to experience symptoms like blurred vision, headaches and soreness.

The solution is to take them out at night when you go to bed. If you often forget to take them out, set a nightly alarm to help you remember to remove your contacts before going to sleep.

2 – Not Cleaning Your Contacts Regularly

It’s easy to overlook the cleanliness of your contact lenses. Your lenses could harbour harmful bacteria that can cause serious problems. When you aren’t cleaning your contacts, bacteria can build up, which can lead to infections and other irritations.

The solution is to clean your contacts at the end of each day. This may seem a little over the top, but cleaning your contacts is necessary to avoid serious complications. If you’re wearing disposable contacts, simply throw them away each day and replace them with a new pair. If you’re wearing daily contacts, wash them with a special cleaning solution before bed.

3 – Not Washing Your Hands Before Touching Your Contacts

If you put in your contacts before washing your hands, you are introducing outside germs onto your lenses. This can lead to an infection or other irritations. When you put in your contacts without washing your hands, you’re also introducing germs to your eyes through your fingers. This can cause eye infections and can even lead to conjunctivitis.

The solution is to wash your hands thoroughly before putting in your contacts. If you are going to exercise or you’re in a dirty environment, it’s wise to carry around a pair of disposable contact lenses. This will provide you with the opportunity to clean your hands before putting in the contact lenses.

4 – Not Using the Right Contact Lens Solution

Not using the right solution can also cause problems. The solution you use will depend on what type of lens you’re wearing. If you’re not using the solution that is best suited for your contacts, you’re increasing your risk of bacteria build-up and other eye infections.

The solution is to read the packaging for the type of contacts you’re wearing. Make sure to purchase a solution that is safe to use on your lenses. If you’re wearing daily contacts, you should always use a solution that is specifically designed for daily use.


There are many common contact lens care mistakes you can make. If you’re not careful and don’t pay attention to details, your contacts could cause serious problems.

You may not think these relatively small mistakes matter much. However, even a small mistake can lead to serious problems like eye infections, eye fatigue and even eye damage.

Use the suggestions in this article to avoid common contact lens care mistakes. When you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s easy to get distracted without even realizing it. Make sure you’re paying attention to the details to avoid contact lens problems.

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