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Whether your vision is blurry or not, there are several causes for poor-quality images. The eye focuses light on creating the images you see. When the eye cannot focus properly, the result may be blurry vision. This happens when over 2 million components of the eye malfunction. In fact, blurry vision may occur if you have dry eye, cataracts, or some other eye disease. In this article, we will discuss several common reasons your vision might be blurry.

The Most Common Causes of Blurry Vision You Need to Know

1 – Chemical injuries

Chemicals like chlorine or petrochemicals may make the eye not be able to focus. It can happen when you swim in the pool or if you are working with chemicals. It can also be caused by certain cold medications. The most common chemical is chlorine, which is used in water treatment. When you wake up early in the morning, your eyes might be red. This is called “eye burn.”

2 – Dry eyes

Dry eyes may decrease the lubrication of the eyes. This problem can be caused by hot climates and the use of certain medications.

3 – Sensitive eyes

The eyes are sensitive if they are looking at bright lights. This may occur in fluorescent lighting or when you are near the window. In normal room light, it may not be a big problem. This can cause blurry vision, but it is usually temporary.

4 – Ptosis

This problem can be caused by a droopy eyelid. It can be caused by age, stretching of the muscles or trauma. This can be easily fixed by an ophthalmologist.

5 – Cataracts

Cataracts are usually caused by aging. As the lens becomes blurred, the eyesight is decreased. Cataracts can be removed by surgery, but this may reduce your quality of life.

6 – Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes affects the small blood vessels in the retina. As a result, the retina is not able to receive the blood flow. This can cause blurry vision.

7 – Glaucoma

It is a disease that causes fluid to build up behind the lens. Glaucoma is called the “sneak thief of sight.” If it is not treated, it can cause blindness. It is important to see your doctor as soon as possible if you have blurry vision.

8 – Strabismus

This is a condition where the eyes are not aligned. It can cause double vision or diplopia. If you have diplopia, you should see your doctor immediately.

9 – Corneal diseases

This may affect the clarity of your vision. This may be caused by infections or abrasions.

10 – Blepharitis

Inflammation of the eyelid makes the vision blurry. This can cause the eyelashes to fall on the cornea, which makes the vision unchanged. Blepharitis can be caused by a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection.


Many things can make your vision blurry. Blurry vision may last for a short time, but if it is not treated properly, it may cause permanent damage to the eyes. This is why it is important to see an eye specialist as soon as possible if you have blurry vision.

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