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Now that the summertime is fast approaching, people ensure their essentials are on hand. Since the summer season is bright, fun, and warm, people should make sure that they are protected from the harmful effects of the sun. While skin protection is one of their priorities, they should never forget about protecting their eyes too.

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses?

Finding the right sunglasses is not only about which one looks cute. You should also ensure it is quality enough to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Some glasses have lenses that have UV protection and are very effective in protecting your eyes. When choosing glasses, always keep in mind that they should fit well and be lightweight. Also, it should allow you to see clearly without being too dark.

1: Ensure It Has Both UVA and UVB Protection

Two types of UV rays reach the Earth: UVA and UVB. These rays are particularly harmful to your eyes because they can penetrate the cornea and damage the retina. The damage can result in age-related macular degeneration.

While the UVA rays are present all the time, the UVB rays are present only during the peak hours of the day. You should find sunglasses that can block both of these rays.

2: Choose Colors That Have Light Transmission

If you want to block the UV rays, you should choose sunglasses with less than 25% light transmission. However, you should ensure that these are not too dark so that it is still possible to see clearly. It would be best to look for lenses with a light transmission of less than 70%.

3: Pay Attention to the Material Used

There are two options when choosing the material: polycarbonate and glass. Polycarbonate materials are lighter and thinner, but these are more affordable. Still, they are not as durable as glass materials.

Glass materials, on the other hand, are heavier and thicker, but these are more durable. These are also more expensive, especially for materials such as polarized glasses.

4: Polarized or Not?

Polarized lenses are more readily available these days, but these are a bit heavier and more expensive. It is best to get polarized lenses if you go to the beach or play a lot of outdoor sports. These can prevent any glare and protect your eyes from glare in general.

5: Finding the Best Fit

You should always find sunglasses that offer a great fit and are comfortable and light. Thin, lightweight frames are easier to wear than bulkier frames. You should also ensure that the glasses do not sit too low on your nose.

These are just some factors to consider when choosing the best sunglasses for your eyes. Do not forget to bring your glasses when you go out, especially if you are going to places with direct sunlight.


Sunglasses are not just for looking good. These accessories are actually a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. With the rising number of reported eye injuries caused by ultraviolet rays exposure, people should be reminded to protect their eyes at all times. Just like skin products and clothing, eyeglasses can protect your eyes.

When choosing the best sunglasses to protect your eyes, look for high UV protection shades. You should also ensure that the glasses you choose are lightweight and comfortable.

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