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Ultraviolet rays can cause premature aging or, worse, skin cancer. However, we learned that blue light could also affect our health in recent years. There is still conclusive evidence that such light can damage our skin, but scientists agree that it can harm your eyesight.  

This is why we need anti-glare eyeglasses. You might ask if the hype is worth it. If you are asking such a question, you should finish this piece.

What Are Anti-Glare Lenses?

Anti-glare eyeglasses are very similar to polarised lenses. There are some differences, though. Anti-glare eyeglasses usually come with either a blue or a yellow tint. You can easily see the difference in the lenses by holding them up. 

The anti-glare glasses are yellow, while polarised lenses are blue. Anti-glare eyeglasses are unique materials to help reduce glare from the sun. They can be the same materials used in polarised lenses, though the industry is still figuring out the best to combat glare.

You might be asking what anti-glare lenses can do. They are not just meant to help you see a clearer picture when looking at a computer screen or your phone, but they can also help you deal with the sun’s harmful rays. It is similar to how you should use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Anti-Glare vs. Blue Light Lenses

When looking for anti-glare glasses, you might see “blue light” or “blue light blocking” on the same page. Anti-glare glasses are not the same as blue light lenses. The blue light blocking properties of blue light glasses are built-in lenses. 

On the other hand, the anti-glare glasses are an additional coating to protect your eyes. You can see them as a protective layer for your eyes. If you want anti-glare glasses for your child, you should get something not too dark. You will want to take them indoors, after all.  

Are They Worth It?

Polarised sunglasses were deemed unnecessary by many people just a decade ago. Today, you can see them everywhere. It is not uncommon to see people wearing them – even in the house. 

Blue light and UV light can both cause severe damage to your eyes. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, especially at the beach, you should get anti-glare glasses. If you are going to be in the sun for hours, you should use something to help keep your eyes safe.  

Your eyes are valuable. It would help if you got anti-glare glasses to keep your eyes safe from harmful sun rays. You can easily see the beneficial effects of anti-glare glasses when you look at the sun without them because you will notice how the glare is significantly reduced. You can see better with anti-glare glasses. 


Anti-glare eyeglasses are essential because they can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you should get a pair of anti-glare glasses. They are also beneficial for when you work on the computer.

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