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8 Crazy Myths About Eyeglasses You Need to Get Over With

If you wear glasses, you must have — at some point — heard stories and myths about wearing glasses that you know are not true. Unknown to people who don’t wear glasses, there are various myths about wearing glasses, just that — myths.

Therefore, in this article, you will read about eight such myths about eyeglasses Surrey BC and the truth behind them. Let us get started.

You can get rid of glasses through eye exercises

Getting rid of glasses through eye exercises is not scientifically proven. A person needs glasses based on various factors, such as the shape of the eye, genetics, age, etc. Simply exercising your eyes will not help you get rid of glasses.

Eye exercises, however, help to rest your eyes when you have been working for too long. For example, every time you are working on the computer, take a 10-15 minute break to rest your eyes through the exercises.

Only older people need reading glasses

Reading glasses can be prescribed to all ages and are not exclusive to older people only. The reason why a person may require reading glasses is due to farsightedness or hyperopia. In this condition, a person’s eyes become small, leading to a lesser amount of light entering the eye. This causes the focal point to form behind the retina, whereas it should be formed in front of it.

Your eyesight deteriorates by wearing glasses daily

The contrary is the actual truth behind this myth. Wearing glasses regularly is what can improve your eyesight, whereas neglecting them can lead to further deterioration of your eyesight.

Eating blueberries and carrots restore your eyesight

Eating them is good for your eyes, but they will not help you get rid of your glasses. A good diet is always beneficial for your body, but eating carrots or blueberries — in particular — will not help you restore your eyesight completely.

Nearsightedness is an illness

It is a very common misconception to think that nearsightedness is an illness. However, it is not. Nearsightedness or Myopia is a form of peculiarity in the shape of an eye. In this, the focal point appears way before the retina.

Watching too much TV or computer will give you glasses 

The blue rays from TV and computer screens harm your eyes but have nothing to do with getting prescription glasses. They do tire your eyes out but do not change the shape of your eyes. It is still better to avoid a long period of exposure to the said blue rays.

Dark lenses are protections against UV rays

If you believe that the darker the lens, the more protection you have from UV rays, then it is time you know it’s wrong. Glasses that are for UV protection are treated chemically to stop the UV rays from reaching your eyes. On the flip side, glasses with dark lenses are not for UV protection.

Cylinder is a special illness

Similar to Myopia, cylinder or Astigmatism is a peculiarity in the curve of the cornea. However, it is not an illness like it is believed to be. It is usually inherited and pertains to the entire span of one’s life or is caused by some accident. If you need to consult with a Surrey eye care center, you can contact Abasa Optical at 604-575-9141 for the best eye care consultation and diagnosis. 

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