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6 Ways to Protect Your Eyes this Winter

Eyes are the most delicate feature of your face, and you would want to protect them to their best. With so much pollution, dust, and bacteria in the air, protecting your eyes has become a priority. Especially if you wear glasses or eye contact, eye protection is a serious step you must worry about.

Therefore, this winter, try out these six pieces of advice that will help you protect your eyes in the best way possible, as suggested by an eye doctor near me.

Always have UV protection on

The significance of protecting your eyes from UV rays can’t be stressed enough, even in the winter. These rays are persistent and will be there even on cloudy days. Thus, every time you step out, make sure you are wearing your sunglasses. Also, avoid looking up at the sun directly, as that is even more harmful.

Maintain healthy eye care routines

In winters, eye infections can arise. However, a simple yet effective eye health care routine can save you from a lot of pain. Make sure you wash your eyes properly first thing in the morning.

If you wear contacts, clean your contact after every use, and don’t overuse them. If you wear spectacles, make sure you clean your glasses as they can accumulate dust and bacteria.

Wear eye protection whenever necessary

Wearing eye protection whenever you are engaged in a risky activity is a must. Accidents are uncalled for and can happen at the most unexpected times. Therefore, it is always safer to be cautious than have mishaps damage your eyes.

Do not let your eyes dry

It is very common for your eyes to get dry during winter. Dry eyes will cause irritation and itching. Sometimes, dry eyes can even result in a burning sensation in the eyes. To avoid dry eyes, make sure you ask your optometrist for eye drops to moisturize your dry eyes.

Conceal your eyes when needed

Winter is the season of catching a cold, and the most common way is through the eyes. Exposing your eyes to winter’s cold winds can easily lead you to have a headache and eventually a cold. Avoid that by concealing your eyes every time you step out of the house during winter.

Visit the optometrist regularly

Lastly, the best way to protect your eyes is by visiting an optometrist regularly. Make sure you have regular appointments scheduled with your optometrist. If you experience even the slightest discomfort regarding your eyes, you should immediately consult your optometrist.

Protecting your eyes in the winter takes extra effort as the air becomes drier and less humid, and your eyes can easily be exposed to all sorts of germs and pollutants. In that case, follow the advice mentioned above to protect your eyes during winter. If you are on the outlook for an eye care center near me, the best option for you would be Abasa Optical, known for its commitment to its patients. Call us at 604-575-9141 to get a consultation today.

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